Billings Ovulation Method

Single-indicator method (mainly sensation of cervical mucus), widely used because of its simplicity

Creighton Model

Single-indicator method (cervical mucus only), can consult with method-trained doctors for help with fertility

Marquette Model

Tracks several signs of fertility, also includes the use of a Fertility Monitor

Sympto-Thermal Method

Tracks several signs of fertility (temperature, cervical mucus, sensation, etc.) in order to gather a complete picture of your fertility


Tracks several symptoms of fertility, including a hormone crosscheck, and pairs well with specially trained physicians to treat root causes of reproductive health concerns. Works well with irregular cycles. 



Method Sympto-Thermal Method Billings Ovulation Method ®

Creighton Model

Marquette Method
Indicators Multi Single Single Multi Multi
Cervical Mucus Optional
Temperature Optional
Urinary Hormone Levels
Fertility Monitor Optional
Is There an App?
Perfect Use Effectiveness Rate (at avoiding pregnancy) 99.4-99.6% 98.9% 98.7-99.5% 98-99% 98-99%
Typical Use Effectiveness Rate 98-99% 89.5% 83-97% 88-98% 86-93%

$135 plus materials-Online

$100 includes materials- In-Person (where available)

~$150 to learn method (typically includes all materials and follow-ups)

Marriage Prep Requirement Cost: $300 (Includes: Introductory session, materials, and follow ups 1-5)

***Payment plans are available.

$195 (includes all instruction sessions, paper and app charting materials, and four follow ups.)  Additional costs:  LH strips approximately $15. for a 30 day pack lasts about 3 months. $150-$175 per training course, $120+/Clearblue Fertility monitor, plus $18-20/month test strips
Learning format In-Person/ Online In-Person/Virtual In-Person/Virtual In-Person/Virtual Virtual
Comments Uses the most cross checks for fertility.  Can be used effectively throughout a woman’s entire reproductive life. Regular cycles are NOT required. Widely used for its simplicity. Can diagnose and treat gynecologic/fertility problems such as infertility and PCOS. Used with NaPro Technology trained doctors to help diagnose and treat feminine health issues such as infertility, homonal imbalance, cycle irregularities, and miscarriages. Charting two biomarkers makes it more reliable for postpartum use. Has specially trained physicians through the Restorative Reproductive Health Institute for treating reproductive health concerns. Regular cycles are not required for the method to be effective

Uses actual hormone levels to chart. Very reliable for postpartum.

All Marquette Method instructors are licensed healthcare professionals!

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