Addressing Pornography

Pornography is extremely addictive and damaging to a person's ability to give and receive love. The growth of images on the internet of child pornography - often showing sexual abuse is alarming.  Read recent New York Time's article:  The Internet Is Overrun With Images of Child Sexual Abuse. What Went Wrong? (September 29, 2019).

Here are several resources to help make your home a safe haven.

Why be concerned?  Click here for some startling statistics.
Click here to view an outline on 3 Steps to a Safe-Haven Home

Click image below for a resource to teach small children about the dangers of porn.

Click image below for a Parenting Help with Children struggling with porn.

Click image below for resource book on recovering from addition to pornography

Click image below for a 21-day detox from porn by Matt Fradd

Below is a website that can be used to help those who reject religion

Through a partnership with Covenant Eyes a new site,, has some of the best resources available for you  whether you are struggling with it yourself (a little or a lot), a parent, an educator, or a ministry leader.

Here are some examples of addressing it from a Public Pulpit using Billboards:

Safe Haven Sunday Prayer

Loving Father,

Thank you for the gift of marriage and family life. We entrust to you our home, where our marriage and family live and grow. We ask you to make it a safe haven for all who live and enter these walls. May our home be a holy place for both young and old to be formed in the truth regarding life, love, sex and marriage. May each of our members be protected from and guided in seeking to avoid pornography, while embracing the freedom and purity of life in Christ.

If there are past wounds that have occurred due to the availability of pornography on our family’s devices or lack of awareness, we ask you to send forth your Spirit to heal, bless, renew and consecrate this home as a safe haven with your son Jesus Christ at the center of our lives, today, tomorrow and always.

“We ask this in union with the Sacred Heart of Jesus through the intercession of the Holy Family of Nazareth, Saints Joachim and Anne and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.