Addressing Pornography

Pornography has been shown to be extremely addictive and damaging to a person’s ability to function as a loving spouse or parent.  In recent years, with widespread advances in internet techologies, unhealthy attachments to pornography have also become very common with as much as 70% of people (both men and women) reporting regular porn use, and the average age of first exposure is now around 9 years old.

Our new site,, has some of the best resources available for you  whether you are struggling with it yourself (a little or a lot), a parent, an educator, or a ministry leader.


Additional Resources

3 Steps to a Safe-Haven Home (click here)


Click image below for a 21-day detox from porn by Matt Fradd

Click image below for a Parenting Help with Children struggling with porn  

Below is a website that can be used to help those who reject religion