The Married Love: Two Becoming One (ML2B1) Marriage retreat is going to be a wonderful time for the two of you to discuss important issues surrounding entering a lifelong Sacramental Marriage. This weekend is organized around God’s plan for Marriage and the vows you will take on your wedding day. But its focus is on how you will be living these vows out every day of your Marriage.

A large part of the ML2B1 program is a set of activities that will facilitate your conversations with each other.

To make the retreat run as smoothly as possible, we ask couples to complete a couple of the longer activities before the retreat. Each person needs to download and complete the activities and complete them before the retreat day.

As a reminder, you should be:

  • Enroll in the Natural Family Planning (NFP) course before the Married Love Retreat
  • Signed up for the Married Love: Two Becoming One Retreat
  • In the process of taking the FOCCUS, Pre-Marriage inventory. Please contact your parish to set up an appointment. 

Married Love Retreat

Dates and Locations

In Perfect Union

Living the Sacrament of Marriage with Dialogue Questions