You should have by now 1. met with your pastor or parish marriage coordinator, 2. started your NFP course of instruction, 3. began your FOCCUS premarriage inventory, and 4. attended the Married Love: Two Becoming One marriage retreat.  Now, it’s time to plan for the celebration of the Sacrament! Here are some resources to help you:

Praying Together

One of the main messages of your Married Love Two Becoming One Marriage retreat is the importance of praying together. Click here to learn more about why praying together is so important and to get some pointers if you’re just beginning.

While there is a lot to do to prepare for a wedding and reception, keeping things in perspective really helps to relieve a lot of the pressure that can build up surrounding your planning. Just keep in mind that this is not your show! Click here to read an article that reminds you that this is not your show – so relax! This article isn’t specifically about planning a Catholic wedding, but we made some annotations on the page to help you make the connection.