Expand the Support Into the Parish

Here are several practices that you can implement so that the engaged couple understands that the greater parish values their engagement process and upcoming marriage. These great options show a stronger parish support and interest in engaged couple.

  1. Assign a married couple within the parish to pray for the couple during their engagement. This requires that parish members are asked to consider praying for the engaged couple. Members who agree to pray are given the name of the engaged couple along with the date of their marriage. Each day, the couple praying should remember the engaged couple in their daily prayers.
  2. Take a picture of the engaged couple and display it along with the date of their marriage in the entrance or gathering space of the Church. Ask all parish members to pray for this couple as they prepare for their Sacramental Marriage.
  3. Periodically bless engaged couples during the Sunday liturgy. Recommended blessings can be found in the In Perfect Union clergy guide.
  4. Invite the engaged couples to participate in the Sunday liturgy. Ask them to be gift bearers, extraordinary Eucharistic ministers, greeters or readers.
  5. Host a social event for the engaged couples twice a year at the parish or rectory. This will allow the couples to meet each other and to spend time getting to know you, the priest!