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Raise them Well Series

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Raise them Well – Personal Maturity – Oct. 1 at 7PM
Every child has an impression about who they are. Do you know what your child thinks about him or herself? Parents actions and reactions can either increase or decrease a child’s personal well-being. That’s why this webinar will zero in on a basic understanding of personal maturity and how parents can help every child flourish. Cost $5.00

Raise them Well – Social Maturity – Oct. 29 at 7PM
God wants every child to get along well with their family, friends and the wider community. Thriving in community requires the ability to recognize and contribute to the common good. How can you instill selfless behavior in your kids and move them beyond independence to interdependence? That’s the focus of this webinar. Join us to learn how to raise a confident and respectful son or daughter. Cost $5.00

Raise them Well – Emotional Maturity – Jan. 7th at 7PM
A healthy person controls his or her emotions and use emotion the way God intends. What role should emotions play in a children’s life? How do parents teach them to control their emotions and to look beyond them? This webinar will move beyond a discussion of feelings and reveal the beauty of God’s plan for emotional maturity. Cost $5.00

Raise them Well – Intellectual Maturity – Feb. 4th at 7PM
Helping children form a conscience that seeks God’s plan for goodness is definitely a challenge for every parent. How do you teach your children to become adults who seek to do what is right rather than simply doing what is possible? In a world that seems not to value truth, how do you teach children to value truth and goodness? During this webinar we will unravel the importance of Intellectual maturity and how it is the path towards truth and goodness. Cost $5.00

Raise Them Well – Physical Maturity – March 4th at 7PM
Parents want their children to grow into adults who respect their bodies and are healthy. How do you do that in a world filled with contradicting messages about what the body is for? How can parents instill in their children respect for God’s plan for their bodies? We’ll explore these questions during this webinar and offer strategies that parents can use.
Cost $5.00

Raise them Well – Spiritual Maturity – April 8th at 7PM
Every person is created to be in relationship with God the creator. What’s your child’s relationship with God? How does spiritual maturity impact your child’s ability to flourish? In this webinar, we will look at numerous ways that a parent can increase a child’s relationship with God. Cost $5.00