Recordings of Past Webinars

Teaching the Way of Love: Imitate the Holy Family

Following God’s will is tough, especially when conflicts or problems arise. The Holy Family was able to do what God asked when times were tough. Can you do the same? Join Jeff Arrowood and Alice Heinzen as they share ways to face and manage conflict without anger or resolution.

Teaching the Way of Love: Foster Faith

All people have a spiritual nature that should be nurtured on a regular basis. How are you doing this in your family? Join Jeff Arrowood and Alice Heinzen as they describe ways to make faith development an important part of daily life.

Teaching the Way of Love: Develop Virtue

Everyone wants to be happy. Did you know that the key to lasting happiness lies inside of you? True joy comes from a life of virtue rather than from the culture. Join Jeff Arrowood and Alice Heinzen as they share four habits that create a happy heart and describe ways to develop each.

True Intimacy of Marriage

Description:Every couple wants to strengthen their spousal union and to experience complete harmony and joy in their marriage. Kate and David Dawson, the (insert title) for the Domestic Church movement in the U.S. are eager to share the basics of true intimacy with you. Their insights will inspire you to want to be a better spouse, cultivate true intimacy and love more deeply. This is a perfect message for any married couple.

Teaching the Way of Love: Expect Correct Behavior

Everyone needs boundaries and goals – especially your children. Want to learn how to set standards that you can actually expect your children to follow? Join Jeff Arrowood and Alice Heinzen as they teach you the art of establishing boundaries and expectations that will help you develop your children’s personal responsibility.

Before You Leave Your Marriage

Description:All marriages have difficulties. That’s the bad news. Here’s the good news. Difficulties in marriage can be overcome. It is possible to restore marital harmony. Join Marie and Tom Fleisner as they share their story of marital discord, their experience with Retrouvaille, and the resulting joy they now embrace as husband and wife. This session is intended for spouses who are considering marriage separation and those who are already separated or divorced. There is always hope of reviving your relationship – ALWAYS.

Teaching the Way of Love: Choose Charity

You may have heard the saying, “love is love.” But is it? Is all love the same? In God’s plan for human charity, love has many faces. Join Jeff Arrowood and Alice Heinzen, co-authors of the Teaching the Way of Love program, as they describe the various types of love and why you need to know these (Hint: you will become a better parent!).

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Teaching the Way of Love: Become Family

Becoming a family isn’t difficult. But, becoming a great family takes effort. Join Jeff Arrowood and Alice Heinzen, co-authors of the Teaching the Way of Love program, who will share the four tasks that great families have in common. Give them 60 minutes and they will give you great insight into a joyful family life.

Surviving Divorce

It doesn’t matter if you wanted the divorce or not, are the one who left or filed, or were abandoned . . . the wounds are there for everyone, including the children and extended family, and they are deep. Rose Sweet, a leading expert in the pastoral issues surrounding separation, divorce, Catholic Decree of Nullity, remarriage, and blended families, will offer help for those hurting because of divorce. She’s remarried and has ministered to the divorced for over twenty-five years after experiencing a long history of abandonment, pain. and shame of civil divorce herself.

Making Happiness a Habit

Habits, the little things that you do over and over, are important. Good habits can strengthen your marriage and bad habits can weaken your union. Join Dr. Jim Healy, nationally known expert on happiness in marriage, as he shares four habits that will bring you more joy in your marriage.

Teaching the Way of Love: Authority

Great parents understand that they need to exercise authority over their children. But what exactly is the goal of authority? True authority – a balance of response and demand that leads your family to what is best – is the key to finding goodness for your family. Join Jeff Arrowood and Alice Heinzen, co-authors of Teaching the Way of Love, for a one hour dialogue that will help you determine how to know what is best for your family and how to use authority to lead your family there.

Prepare to Care – How to Give Care to Another and Thrive

Are you taking care of an aging loved one, a person with special needs or someone who is terminally ill? Join Deb Kelsey-Davis and Kelly Johnson, the founders of Nourish, for a one hour dialogue on the practical, emotional and spiritual needs of care-giving.
Nourish connects others going through similar experiences of caring for a loved one with practical advice, useful tools and discussions. This webinar will help you navigate caregiving with a Christ-centered view and help you thrive, with joy and holiness, in your caregiver journey.

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Financially Challenged? Need Guidance?

Do you find yourself always short on cash or unable to meet your monthly expenses? Do you want to put a savings plan in place but just can’t find the right time to start? Join Housing and Financial Counselors, Kevin Burch and Shannon Parker from Catholic Charities for one hour and learn how to avoid debt, save money and plan for future dreams.

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