Divorced Catholics

Questions I Would Be Too Embarrassed to Ask

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There’s no such thing as “Catholic divorce” but the bad news is Catholics do civilly divorce. The information on this site is here to help and to encourage healing through the Sacraments where you’ll personally encounter Christ—with all His love and tender mercies. And that’s the REALLY good news.
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Need help and advice? Catholic Match offers a great ministry for married life in all stages – including dealing with separation and divorce.

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Divorce is hard. When a Roman Catholic experiences divorce, there is much confusion, from receiving communion to an understanding of the annulment process. The Catholic Church’s views on dating, and certainly the issue of remarriage. But most importantly, Catholic women and men struggle to find support and healing from divorce. This site is a place where you can find answers and support; where you can learn from others who share your experience, and tap resources to help you or your loved ones heal from the devastation of divorce. A place where you are understood.

Help for those who need information about receiving a declaration of nullity (an annulment)

The Diocese of La Crosse Matrimonial Tribunal is eager to address any questions or concerns one may have about the annulment process. In addition to their contact information, the Matrimonial Tribunal web page provides a detailed outline of what one can expect when they submit a petition for a possible annulment. Visit their page to learn more about this unique, and often misunderstood, ministry of healing.

Catholic Divorce Ministry

(The Ministry of the North American Conference of Separated and Divorced Catholics)

CDM-color-216x116Since 1974, NACSDC has been committed to the healing and recovery of those who have experienced separation and divorce. We also realize that people experiencing other sources of pain—whether widowed, never married, or single parents for any reason—may benefit from the programs we offer and the services we provide.

Rose Sweet

Catholic relationship expert Rose Sweet writes about healing after divorce.

From Her Website
[Rose Sweet] writes and speaks about love that embraces the cross, not runs from it. About the freedom from inappropriate attachments and the joy in restoring relationships, by drawing on simple and timeless Truth. She shares, “The key to happiness in every relationship is holiness: first seeking and loving God and then allowing His love to fill us and flow through us to others. Easy to say; sometimes hard to do because the cross is involved! And holiness is not dry, dull, or boring–far from it. It’s both both quiet and it screams out; it kneels in the pew and it dances on the tabletops. It is both gentle and intensely fierce; it is tame and wonderfully wild at the same time. We need to open ourselves up more so God’s love can infuse us with the grace to know when it’s time for Cana, or time for the Cross.” Rose’s topics are jam-packed with practical ways to bring holiness into every relationship.