NFP Registration

Congratulations on your decision to register for a course in Natural Family Planning!
There are a few steps in the registration process:

Step 1: Fill out the pre-registration form.

This form is so that we at the diocese have your information and know what course you’re interested in.

Step 2: Register for your specific course.

We have trained instructors in our diocese for the SymptoPro method, Marquette Method and Fertility Care Method.  

The Sympto-Pro method instructs couples how to observe and interpret cervical fluid, basal body temperature, cervical changes and various other secondary signs. Once a couple has learned to observe these indicators, they are given rules to apply that frame the boundaries between the three phases of the cycle. Rules are recommended based on the signs that the couple observes and charts, the reproductive category that the couple is in and the couple’s intention (achieve or avoid). Both methods provide a system of feedback to the couple that helps them refine their understanding of the method. To select this method, choose “SymptoPro”  on the Natural Family Planning Pre-Registration form

The Marquette Method of Natural Family Planning teaches couples how to track cervical fluid, temperature and cervix as well as how to monitor the underlying hormones that drive the menstrual cycle. Using the Clearblue Easy fertility monitor, the woman can determine the levels of two female hormones that are produced during the fertile window.  To select this method, choose “Marquette Method”  on the Natural Family Planning Pre-Registration form

The Creighton Model method teaches clients to observe and interpret the cervical fluid indicator only (ovulation model).  Our diocese offers the Creighton method both in and out of a medical setting. It provides couples with a defined grading system for cervical fluids. Because of its standardization, charts tracked in this method can be used to detect underlying menstrual cycle irregularities. (often face to face classes) There are two centers in the LaCrosse diocese; Grace FertiliyCare in Plover and Franciscan Fertility Care center in Onalaska. To select this method, choose Creighton Model on the Natural Family Planning Pre-Registration form

Costs vary from $115-$150

Step 3: Wait to be connected to an instructor. 

Once you register for the course you will not receive access to the course immediately. For each method there is a manual registration process that connects you with your personal instructor. Some of the on-line courses are taught in real time and others are self-paced. Thank you for your patience.