Welcome to the Office for Marriage & Family Life!

The Office for Marriage and Family Life places itself at the service of parishes and families so that they can answer their call to holiness and help form communities of love and life in Jesus Christ. Our primary goal is to help families become what they are by realizing these four tasks:

  • Forming a Community of Persons
  • Serving Life
  • Participating in the development of Society
  • Sharing in the life and mission of the Church

  • Don’t Leave God’s Gift Under the Tree

    There is something deep in the human consciousness that finds great joy in giving and receiving gifts. This joy goes deeper than materialistic gain. Think of the joy that a child can bring by giving you a simple picture she has drawn or colored. Beyond being “cute,” such a gift touches us to the depths […]

  • Recognizing the signs

    Make time to reach out to those who are having a hard time emotionally during the holidays The seasons of Advent and Christmas are times filled with a wide range of emotions. Many people make time during Advent to anticipate the birth of Jesus and then celebrate His coming at Christmas. Some gather with family […]

  • Advent and Suffering

    Reading articles that absolutely express my personal thoughts and feelings is great. If you are frustrated by the culture’s inability to precede Christmas with a time of preparation and waiting, this article is just for you. Recommendation by Alice Heinzen – &nbs […]

  • Defender of Marriage

    Catholics defend marriage because it is a Sacrament and a vocation, but also because it is good for society. To encourage you to be a defender of marriage, here is a “one page” full of facts about how divorce harms society. Social science research shows that marriage brings financial benefits while divorce has negative financial […]

  • Advent – Anticipate and Celebrate

    The stores have begun the Christmas shopping season already which means that they are tempting you to rush towards Christmas day and completely miss the liturgical season of Advent. Stop their madness. Slow down. Breathe. In doing so, you will fill yourself with wide eyed anticipation for the real reason of the season; the coming […]