10. It unravels the mystery of the woman. NFP gives both spouses an understanding of the changing hormones of the woman and how that impacts her energy, moods, fertility.

9. NFP is health conscious. NFP does not harm the body. It poses no risks of cancer, cardiovascular disease, vision changes, weight gain, sporadic bleeding or depression.

8. NFP has planning prowess. With NFP you can time when you want to have children. Because you know when you are fertile you can truly plan for each pregnancy and birth. No guess work. This is so important for couples who are having difficulty conceiving. Most doctors will recommend NFP to couples when they are not conceiving.

7. NFP is a “both and” system. With NFP you can both avoid as well as achieve a pregnancy. It allows you the freedom to choose which is best for you cycle by cycle. And it is good not only for your body, but also for your minds and spirits. It is marriage insurance.

6. NFP is a communication machine. Nothing is taken for granted when a couples uses NFP. As we often say, if a couple can discuss cervical mucus and decide how to handle it, they can certainly discuss the check book balance and how to handle that.

5. NFP teaches marital intimacy. When a couple practices NFP, they learn to love both within the marital act as well as outside the act of physical unity. Husbands who know their wife’s cycle are more able to love without expecting something in return. Because there are no chemical or latex barriers used in NFP, the couple can truly give themselves completely to each other. This enhances the romance!

4. NFP encourages Christ-like love. Every spouse wants to experience total, faithful and fruitful love. NFP sets the stage for this. It is true that couples who practice NFP practice chastity and make decisions to forego physical intimacy for a few days if they are choosing to avoid a pregnancy. But, in that sacrificial giving, the couple learns how to be of service to each other and, ultimately, to God.

3. NFP is open to life. Couples practicing NFP experience the joy and awe of conception, pregnancy and childbirth. They have a deeper understanding of children as a supreme gift from God to them. And, they have a greater commitment to be responsible parents.

2. NFP is Pope – ular. NFP is the morally upright teaching of the Catholic Church. The Church teaches that NFP is the right way to plan a family because it honors how we were made. NFP unites family to marriage.

1. NFP is green. NFP promotes good health. It doesn’t pollute the human body or our earthly environment. It enhances self discipline in all walks of life. It follows natural law as well as natural moral law.

Based on a talk given by Gina and Joe Loehr of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee – used with permission