Going Deeper in Prayer

“Going Deeper in Prayer” is a new initiative for adults.

One aspect of the “Going Deeper in Prayer” initiative includes 8 sessions on How God Offers Us Guidance.  These 8 sessions are completely downloadable from the links below and provide:

  • a teaching on specific ways that God offers us guidance.
  • a Scripture story that relates how God guided a person in a particular manner.
  •  two modern-day true stories in which individuals experienced God’s guidance.
  • discussion questions.  The sessions are arranged for 90 minutes.
How God Offers Us Guidance  – 8 Sessions

Session 1:  How we know that God offers us guidance

1. Facilitator copy
1. Participant copy
Prayer Card
Facilitator Guide
Group Discussion Guidelines

Session 2:  God offers us guidance in personal prayer

2. Facilitator copy
2. Participant copy

Session 3:  God offers us guidance through the Scriptures

3. Facilitator copy
3. Participant copy

Session 4:  God offers us guidance through other people

4. Facilitator copy
4. Participant copy

Session 5:  God offers us guidance through angels

5. Facilitator copy
5. Participant copy

Session 6:  God offers us guidance in our hearts

6. Facilitator copy
6. Participant copy

Session 7:  God offers us guidance in our thoughts (Part 1)

7. Facilitator copy
7. Participant copy

Session 8:  God offers us guidance in our thoughts (Part 2)

8. Facilitator copy
8. Participant copy


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Deepening Our Relationship with Jesus

 Another aspect of “Going Deeper in Prayer”  is to understand better the meaning behind the words of the following prayers so that we can come to know and love, in a much deeper way, the Person of Jesus.  As we speak with Jesus each day in prayer, we will come to recognize more and more how much He loves us.

The format of the resources for each prayer includes:

  • Why we want to pray this prayer each day
  • The meaning of the words
  • Learning the principles
  • Scriptural References


 Psalm 23:  “The Lord is my Shepherd”

Prayer to the Holy Spirit

Praying with Scripture

The Morning Offering

Prayer to Jesus


Apostles’ Creed

Mysteries of the Rosary

Our Father

Act of Contrition

Hail Mary

Sign of the Cross

Angel of God