It is suggested that the “Prayer Commitments” for Lent (for Pre-Kindergarten through Sixth Grade) be laminated or placed in a plastic sleeve, and include a small piece of yarn through a small hole in the upper-left corner.  Students may then place their “Prayer Commitment” on their door knob for safe keeping and as a daily reminder to pray.

Pre Kindergarten Angel of God

Kindergarten My Prayer Time Sign of the Cross

First Grade My Daily Prayer Time

Second Grade My Daily Prayer Time Act of Contrition

Third grade My Daily Prayer Time Our Father

Fourth grade My Prayer Time Holy Rosary

Fifth Grade My Prayer Time Apostles’ Creed

Sixth Grade My Daily Prayer Memorare

The Seventh through Twelfth Grade “Prayer Commitments” for Lent are 1/2 sheet of paper (except the 9th Grade).  They can be copied on card stock, and laminated, if possible.  A piece of two-sided tape or wall mounting tape can be placed on the back so that it can be attached to a mirror.

Seventh grade Conversing with Jesus

Eighth grade Conversing with Jesus

Grade 9 Praying with Scripture

Tenth grade Prayer to the Holy Spirit

Eleventh grade Conversing with Jesus

Twelfth grade Seeking God’s Guidance